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Information provided to LegalB Consumers in terms of
section 43 the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, No. 25 of  2002

(1) LegalB CC ("LegalB") offers various products and services for sale by way of an electronic transaction, and the following information about LegalB and the products and services it offers is provided to consumers in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, No. 25 of 2002:

(a) LegalB CC is a Close Corporation registered in terms of the Close Corporations Act, No. 69 of 1984 whose registration number is 2005/067999/23;

(b) LegalB's physical address is No. 6 Fourth Street, Houghton Estates, Johannesburg, South Africa and its telephone number is +28 11 728 9657;

(c) LegalB's web site home page address is and e-mail address is to be found on website page;

(d) ...;

(e) ...;

(f) LegalB is a legal person, registration number 2005/067999/23, and its Managing Member is Rita V. Felgate and its place of registration is South Africa;

(g) The physical address of LegalB in (b) above is the address where LegalB will receive legal service of documents;

(h) LegalB offers products and services the main characteristics of which are related to structured information about legislation, and tools of analysis relevant to legislation and compliance and transgression of legislation. Further information as to characteristics of the products and services offered by LegalB is available to consumers on request, where they feel the information is needed to make an informed decision on any proposed electronic transaction;

(i) The full price of the products and services vary from product to product and service to service, and these are available on request in the form of a quotation. Transport costs, taxes and other fees or costs relevant to any electronic transaction are costs that are specified separately in such a quotation, and vary from customer to customer, depending on the jurisdiction of the customer, subscription fees and other variables.

(j) The manner of payment for LegalB's products and services varies customer to customer, and an attempt is always made to ensure it is convenient to the customer, but is usually by way of deposit into LegalB's bank account;

(k) LegalB does not have any standard terms of agreement that apply between it and its customers, other than that the agreement is subject to the common law, unless required otherwise by law. The terms of agreement between LegalB and its consumers are only as agreed between LegalB and a consumer at the time of concluding an agreement, and these contract specific terms are stated in correspondence by LegalB to its customers.  General legal notices and disclaimers are stored on the LegalB website page and these can be accessed, stored and reproduced electronically by consumers from these;

(l) The time when products and services will be dispatched or delivered or within which services will be rendered are negotiated with each LegalB customer and may differ customer to customer;

(m) LegalB retains a full record of electronic transactions with its customers for accounting and other purposes, for a reasonable time, and should consumers need to access any particular records they should contact LegalB at the above addresses and telephone numbers;

(n) LegalB's produces are delivered as electronic information which by its nature cannot be return and exchange. However, LegalB will on request consider refunds where a consumer has made a reasonable error in ordering particular information;

(o) ...;

(p) LegalB makes all reasonable attempts to ensure it has adequate security procedures in place to protect the payment, payment information and personal information of its customers, and its privacy policy is that customer information will not be divulged unless required by force of law;

(q) Any offer on the part of LegalB to a consumer will endure for a period of 2 calendar weeks from the date of quotation, and where an agreement is reached between LegalB and a consumer for the periodic supply of any product and/or service, the agreement will, unless cancelled by the consumer at least a calendar month before the date on which the agreement would end, will be treated as having renewed for a further such period, and this also applies to renewed agreements; and

(r) LegalB supports the rights of consumers in terms of section 44 of Act 25 of 2002 read with other sections of that Act, where applicable.

(2) LegalB provides a consumer with reasonable opportunity-

(a) to review any electronic transaction between LegalB and the consumer;

(b) to correct any mistakes; and

(c) to withdraw from the transaction, before finally placing any order.

(3) The consumer may, where section 43 of Act No. 25 of 2002 applies, may cancel the affected transaction within 14 days of receiving the produces or services under the relevant transaction.

(4) If a transaction is cancelled in terms of subsection (3)-

(a) the consumer must return the performance of the LegalB or, where applicable, cease using the relevant LegalB products or services; and

(b) LegalB must refund all payments made by the consumer minus the direct cost of returning the products.

(5) Act No. 25 of 2002 requires that LegalB utilise a payment system that is sufficiently secure with reference to accepted technological standards at the time of the transaction and the type of transaction concerned.

(6) LegalB is in terms of Act No. 25 of 2002 liable for any damage suffered by a consumer due to a failure by LegalB to comply with subsection (5).

For any further information please read the our general Legal Notice or contact us.