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Your use of this website, and the LegalB products and information you find on it, is subject to the following terms and conditions and to the Copyright and Trademark Notices below. Please read these terms and conditions before proceeding.  If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions, please leave the LegalB website and all its pages. If you proceed to enter any page or pages or this website, it will indicate your full acceptance of all the terms and conditions set by LegalB for your use of this website. If you have any queries about the terms and conditions of your use of this website, or the content of the legal notices, please exit this website and contact us using contact details on our contact page.

The following terms and conditions apply to your entry into or use of this website:

No legal relationship as between legal practitioner and client arises between you and LegalB through your use of this website or the products available on it: No material on or generated by this website amounts to legal advice, and no relationship between a legal practitioner and client is intended to arise out of your use of this website between you and LegalB, or out of any communication you may have with LegalB. Information on this website cannot be relied upon by you as legal or other professional advice or as a substitution for such advice, and all information provided on this website must be confirmed by you in consultation with relevant professionals of your choice.
LegalB in placing any opinion, analysis, interpretation or result on this website or on its product reports, does not imply or guarantee that anyone else will provide the same or similar opinion, analysis, interpretation or results, now or in future, and therefore any opinion, analysis, interpretation or result on this website should not be relied on or taken to be a promise or indication of a future result.

Confidentiality: Communication with LegalB by e-mail over the Internet may not be secure and you should avoid sending sensitive or confidential Internet e-mail messages to LegalB unless your emails are adequately encrypted.

Links: LegalB makes no representations or warranties about any website that this website provides links to, or which links to this website.  Other sites may link to the homepage of this website only on the prior permission of LegalB.  Please contact us in this regard.

Virus protection: LegalB makes every reasonable effort to check and test material on its website for viruses. However, you agree that you are responsible for running an anti virus program on all material you download from the internet.
Privacy: LegalB does not capture or store personal information from site visitors, but reserves the right for administrative and business purposes to log a user’s IP address and session information, such as the duration of the visit to the site, and the type of web browser used, and their particular use of this website.  We do not use cookies for collecting user information from the site. LegalB will collect information subscribers and users provide to us through registration and/or emails, and will record transaction information.  LegalB retains a record of subscriber responses during their use of LegalB’s STAQ products, but LegalB does not link these responses to personal details of the subscriber.  Note however, that where a subscriber records personal details whilst undertaking a STAQ, these are stored by LegalB along with that subscriber’s other STAQ responses. LegalB will not share any information it collects about any user, or which is provided by a subscriber whilst undertaking a STAQ, except with the permission of that user or subscriber, or as required by a subscriber, subpoena, court order, operation of law, or other legal process. Note that other websites that may have links to or from this site are not covered by this privacy policy. By using this website, you signify your agreement to the terms of our privacy policy as outlined here.

No liability arising: LegalB makes no representations as to the accuracy of materials on this website, and you acknowledge and agree that LegalB, representatives, agents and/or employees will not be liable for any loss or damages, including direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, or damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, resulting from your use of this website, or any LegalB product on this website. You acknowledge that LegalB expressly disclaims all warranties including fitness for purpose and non-infringement.  Please note that LegalB does not represent that this website complies with all laws and ethical rules of any jurisdiction other than that of South Africa and if any provisions of this agreement as to the terms and conditions of your use of this website or products on it are invalid under South African law, LegalB’s liability is limited to the extent permitted by that law.
Changes to these terms and conditions: LegalB reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and you acknowledge and agree that you are bound by such revisions and therefore you will visit this page from time to time to review the terms and conditions of your use of this website.

Copyright, Trademark and other legal notices:  The following Copyright Notice and Trademark Notice form part of these terms and conditions, and your further use of this website indicates your acceptance and agreement to these additional terms and conditions.

Use of the website subject to terms and conditions in specific written contract between the website user and LegalB:  The terms and conditions on this website are subject to terms and conditions arising out of any specific contract which may have been entered into in writing between the website user and LegalB.
Your acceptance of these terms and conditions: Any further use you may make of this website will be taken as indicating your acceptance of the above terms and conditions, and the requirements of users of this website as laid out in this notice of Terms and Conditions, and any Copyright, Trademark and other legal notice that is available on this website, as amended or supplemented from time to time by LegalB.  You therefore undertake to read such other notices along with this notice of Terms and Conditions, and to from time to time re-read these notices when you visit this website.  You expressly agree that, if you are dissatisfied with these terms and conditions, or with LegalB, or with information, material or products available on this website, your only remedy is to terminate these terms and conditions of use and leave this LegalB website.

Copyright Notice
This website contains content and systems that are proprietary to LegalB. All copyright rights in the text, images, user interface, design and other content provided on this website are owned by LegalB, unless indicated otherwise or clearly part of a public document. You may not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, display, perform or transmit any of the contents without prior permission from LegalB. Note that this website organizes and reproduces text of public documents such as legislation and subordinate legislation for your research and study purposes only and you agree that you shall not use this information or material for any other purpose, or to further copy or distribute it.  Intellectual property rights contained and reflected in this website belong to LegalB and you shall not infringe these.  If you want to copy and use any LegalB’s material you shall obtain the prior approval of LegalB.  Please contact us for permission to copy and use any of LegalB’s copyright or trademark material. Any copies made of the content of this website and any downloaded material retain the copyright and any other proprietary notices indicated on this website and/or contained in that material, and material downloaded or copied shall not be modified, edited or used out of context. Note that the absence of a copyright notice on each and every page of this website does not constitute a waiver of LegalB copyright.  Note also that LegalB reserves all intellectual property rights in connection with all content, methods and code contained in and reflected on this website and its products on this website, unless explicitly indicated otherwise, and the content of or methodology of LegalB products used on this website shall not be reproduced, in whole or part, without advance permission in writing from LegalB.

Trademark Notice

All trademarks, logos, and terms of LegalB that are displayed on this website, registered or unregistered, are the intellectual property of LegalB and shall not be used without the prior express written permission of LegalB.  In particular, the term “STAQ” is claimed as a trademark of LegalB, whether it is represented as “STAQ” or “STAQTM”.  This term is used to refer to a ““Statutory Transgression Analysis Questionnaire”, which is a product wholly developed by LegalB.  Note that the absence of a trademark notice on each and every page of this website does not constitute a waiver of LegalB trademark rights.