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Broadcasting Amendment Act, No. 64 of 2002

Long title

To amend the Broadcasting Act, 1999, so as to add certain definitions; to provide for the conversion of the old Corporation into a public company in terms of the Companies Act; to clarify the relationship between the policies governing public commercial services and the values of the public broadcasting service; to provide for the continued existence of the old Corporation during the transitional period; to provide for a procedure relating to authorisation of all channels carried by the broadcasting services; to provide for the procedure relating to the granting of additional subscription television service licences and to open subscription television services to full competition; to provide for the application and granting of television licences; to provide for the imposition of penalties for failure to pay television licence fees: to provide for the appointment of Inspectors; and to provide for the making of regulations; to amend the independent Broadcasting Authority Act. 1993, and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa Act, 2000; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1. Amendment of Preamble to Act 4 of 1999
2. Amendment of section 1 of Act 4 of 1999
3. Amendment of section 3 of Act 4 of 1999
4. Substitution of section 4 of Act 4 of 1999
5. Amendment of section 5 of Act 4 of 1999
6. Substitution of section 6 of Act 4 of 1999
7. Repeal of section 7 of Act 4 of 1999
8. Amendment of section 8 of Act 4 of 1999
9. Insertion of section 8A in Act 4 of 1999
10. Substitution of section 9 of Act 4 of 1999
11. Amendment of section 10 of Act 4 of 1999
12. Amendment of section 11 of Act 4 of 1999
13. Amendment of section 12 of Act 4 of 1999
14. Amendment of section 13 of Act 4 of 1999
15. Substitution of section 14 of Act 4 of 1999
16. Repeal of section 19 of Act 4 of 1999
17. Substitution of section 22 of Act 4 of 1999
18. Insertion of section 22A in Act 4 of 1999
19. Amendment of section 24 of Act 4 of 1999
20. Amendment of section 25 of Act 4 of 1999
21. Amendment of section 26 of Act 4 of 1999
22. Substitution of section 27 of Act 4 of 1999
23. Amendment of section 28 of Act 4 of 1999
24. Amendment of section 30 of Act 4 of 1999
25. Amendment of section 31 of Act 4 of 1999
26. Amendment of section 33 of Act 4 of 1999
27. Amendment of section 34 of Act 4 of 1999
28. Amendment of section 35 of Act 4 of 1999
29. Amendment of section 40 of Act 4 of 1999
30. Repeal and amendment of laws
31. Short title and commencement
Sch. SCHEDULE. [sic - no title]

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