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Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act, No. 11 of 2008
NOTE: Assented to and published in English, with alternative copy in Afrikaans

Long title

To amend the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001, so as to define or further define certain words and expressions; to clarify the application of the Act in relation to other laws; to extend the objectives and functions of the Centre; to change the name of the Money Laundering Advisory Council; to clarify certain provisions; to update references to legislation; to provide for the sharing of information by the Centre and supervisory bodies; to provide for the issuance of directives by the Centre and supervisory bodies; to provide for the registration of accountable and reporting institutions; to clarify the roles and responsibilities of supervisory bodies; to provide for written arrangements relating to the respective roles and responsibilities of the Centre and supervisory bodies; to authorise the Centre and supervisory bodies to conduct inspections; to regulate certain applications to court; to provide for administrative sanctions that may be imposed by the Centre and supervisory bodies; to establish an appeal board to hear appeals against decisions of the Centre or supervisory bodies; to make further provision for offences; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1. Amendment of section 1 of Act 38 of 2001...
2. Insertion of section 1A in Act 38 of 2001
3. Amendment of section 3 of Act 38 of 2001...
4. Amendment of section 4 of Act 38 of 2001
5. Substitution of heading to Chapter 2 of Act 38 of 2001
6. Amendment of section 17 of Act 38 of 2001
7. Amendment of section 26 of Act 38 of 2001
8. Amendment of section 30 of Act 38 of 2001
9. Amendment of section 34 of Act 38 of 2001...
10. Amendment of section 36 of Act 38 of 2001
11. Amendment of section 37 of Act 38 of 2001
12. Amendment of section 38 of Act 38 of 2001
13. Amendment of section 40 of Act 38 of 2001...
14. Insertion of sections 43A and 43B in Act 38 of 2001
15. Amendment of section 45 of Act 38 of 2001
16. Amendment of Chapter 4 of Act 38 of 2001
17. Insertion of section 51A in Act 38 of 2001
18. Substitution of section 54 of Act 38 of 2001
19. Substitution of section 55 of Act 38 of 2001
20. Substitution of section 57 of Act 38 of 2001
21. Substitution of section 58 of Act 38 of 2001
22. Amendment of section 60 of Act 38 of 2001
23. Insertion of section 61A in Act 38 of 2001
24. Insertion of sections 62A, 62B and 62C in Act 38 of 2001**
25. Amendment of section 68 of Act 38 of 2001
26. Amendment of section 70 of Act 38 of 2001
27. Amendment of Index to Act 38 of 2001
28. Substitution of long title of Act 38 of 2001
29. Short title and commencement
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