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National Road Traffic Amendment Act, No. 64 of 2008
NOTE: Assented to and published in English, with alternative copy in _, except iro notice of assent date in _, and excecpt iro title/text/engrossments in the following sections: s_ (_/_/_)

Long title

To amend the National Road Traffic Act, 1996, so as to insert certain definitions and to amend others; to prohibit the unauthorised use of an authorised officer’s infrastructure number; to provide for visible display of nametags by traffic officers; to prohibit the impersonation of traffic officers and the wearing of a traffic officer’s uniform without official written permission; to create new offences; to empower the Minister to prescribe training procedures and qualifications of persons appointed as national inspectors at driving licence testing centres and testing stations; to make new provision regarding the process by which driving licences are issued; to recognise documents relating to roadworthiness issued in a prescribed territory; to empower the Minister to prescribe the manner and form of accident reporting; to provide for circumstances when emergency vehicles may ignore road traffic signs and speed limits; to provide for liability of managers, agents and employees; to empower the MEC to set fees; to delete obsolete provisions; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1. Amendment of section 1 of Act 93 of 1996...
2. Amendment of section 3A of Act 93 of 1996...
3. Amendment of section 3K of Act 93 of 1996...
4. Amendment of section 4 of Act 93 of 1996...
5. Amendment of section 8A of Act 93 of 1996...
6. Amendment of section 11 of Act 93 of 1996...
7. Amendment of section 17 of Act 93 of 1996
8. Amendment of section 18 of Act 93 of 1996...
9. Amendment of section 20 of Act 93 of 1996
10. Substitution of section 21 of Act 93 of 1996...
11. Amendment of section 27 of Act 93 of 1996...
12. Amendment of section 35 of Act 93 of 1996
13. Amendment of section 41 of Act 93 of 1996...
14. Amendment of section 42 of Act 93 of 1996...
15. Amendment of section 58 of Act 93 of 1996
16. Substitution of section 60 of Act 93 of 1996
17. Amendment of section 61 of Act 93 of 1996
18. Amendment of section 68 of Act 93 of 1996...
19. Insertion of sections 74A and 74B in Act 93 of 1996
20. Amendment of section 75 of Act 93 of 1996...
21. Amendment of section 76 of Act 93 of 1996
22. Amendment of section 78 of Act 93 of 1996...
23. Substitution of section 81 of Act 93 of 1996
24. Amendment of section 89 of Act 93 of 1996
25. Substitution of section 92 of Act 93 of 1996..
26. Amendment of section 93 of Act 93 of 1998 [sic - year reference]
27. Insertion of sections 93A and 93B in Act 93 of 1998 [sic - year reference]
28. Short title and commencement

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