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National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Act, No. 14 of 2013*
[...referred to by publishing Gazette GG20130724_36703's header as the "National Environmental Management Laws Act, 2013"]

Long title

To amend the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004, so as to amend certain definitions and to define certain words and expressions; to revise the objectives of the Act to emphasize the need to protect the ecosystem as a whole, including species which are not targeted for exploitation; to revise the purpose of Chapter 4 to provide for the regulation of threatened and indigenous species to ensure that the utilisation of these species are done in an ecologically sustainable manner; to effect certain textual amendments to the provisions on protection of species; to address some of the regulatory gaps within the permitting system; to facilitate the implementation of self-administration; to extend the functions of the scientific authority to include assisting with species to which an international agreement regulating international trade applies; to revise the purpose and application of Chapter 6; to insert a provision to allow for the domestic or subsistence use of indigenous biological resources; to repeal the appeal provisions; to provide for circumstances under which a permit application or permit may be deferred, refused, cancelled or suspended; to extend the powers of the Minister to make regulations; to add offences and penalties; and to provide for the Minister to declare amnesty in certain circumstances; National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004, so as to align the penalties with other specific environmental management Acts; National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008, so as to provide for textual amendment to the definition of waste; National Environment Management Laws Amendment Act, 2008, so as to correct an incorrect citation; and National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Amendment Act, 2009, so as to correct an incorrect citation, and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1. Amendment of section 1 of Act 10 of 2004...
2. Amendment of section 2 of Act 10 of 2004
3. Amendment of section 51 of Act 10 of 2004
4. Amendment of section 56 of Act 10 of 2004
5. Amendment of section 57 of Act 10 of 2004...
6. Substitution of section 58 of Act 10 of 2004...
7. Amendment of section 59 of Act 10 of 2004
8. Amendment of section 60 of Act 10 of 2004
9. Substitution to section 61 of Act 10 of 2004
10. Substitution of section 62 of Act 10 of 2004
11. Insertion of section 62A in Act 10 of 2004
12. Amendment of section 63 of Act 10 of 2004
13. Amendment of section 66 of Act 10 of 2004
14. Amendment of section 70 of Act 10 of 2004
15. Amendment of section 71 of Act 10 of 2004
16. Insertion of section 71A in Act 10 of 2004
17. Substitution of section 72 of Act 10 of 2004
18. Amendment of section 79 of Act 10 of 2004
19. Amendment of section 80 of Act 10 of 2004
20. Amendment of section 86 of Act 10 of 2004...
21. Amendment of section 87 of the Act 10 of 2004
22. Insertion of section 87A in Act 10 of 2004
23. Amendment of section 88 of the Act 10 of 2004
24. Insertion of section 92A in Act 10 of 2004
25. Amendment of section 93 of Act 10 of 2004
26. Insertion of section 93B in Act 10 of 2004
27. Repeal of section 94 of Act 10 of 2004
28. Repeal of section 95 of Act 10 of 2004
29. Repeal of section 96 of Act 10 of 2004
30. Amendment of section 97 of Act 10 of 2004...
31. Amendment of section 98 of Act 10 of 2004
32. Amendment of section 101 of Act 10 of 2004
33. Amendment of section 102 of Act 10 of 2004...
34. Insertion of sections 105A and 105B in Act 10 of 2004
35. Substitution of certain words in Act 10 of 2004
36. Amendment of Table of Contents of Act 10 of 2004
37. Amendment of section 55 of Act 39 of 2004
38. Amendment of section 1 of Act 59 of 2008
39. Substitution of section 51 of Act 14 of 2009
40. Substitution of section 7 of Act 15 of 2009
41. Short title and commencement
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