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Disaster Management Amendment Act, No. 16 of 2015

Long title

To amend the Disaster Management Act, 2002, so as to substitute and insert certain definitions; to clarify policy focus on rehabilitation and functioning of disaster management centres; to align the functions of the National Disaster Management Advisory Forum to accommodate the SouthAfrican National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction; to provide for the South African National Defence Force, South African Police Service and any other organ of state to assist the disaster management structures; to provide for an extended reporting system by organs of state on information regarding occurrences leading to the declarations of disasters, expenditure on response and recovery, actions pertaining to risk reduction and particular problems experienced in dealing with disasters; to strengthen reportingon implementation of policy and legislation relating to disaster risk reduction and management of allocated funding to municipal and provincial intergovernmental forums established in terms of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, 2005; to strengthen the representation of traditional leaders in national, provincial and municipal disaster management advisory forums; to expand the contents of disaster management plans to include the conducting of disaster risk assessments for functional areas and the mapping of risks, areas and communities that are vulnerable to disasters; to provide measures to reduce the risk of disaster through adaptation to climate change and developing of early warning mechanisms; to provide for regulations on disaster management education, training and research matters and declaration and classification of disasters; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

Table of contents

1. Amendment of section 1 of Act 57 of 2002
2. Amendment of section 5 of Act 57 of 2002
3. Substitution of section 8 of Act 57 of 2002
4. Amendment of section 10 of Act 57 of 2002
5. Substitution of section 11 of Act 57 of 2002
6. Amendment of section 13 of Act 57 of 2002
7. Amendment of section 15 of Act 57 of 2002
8. Amendment of section 22 of Act 57 of 2002
9. Amendment of section 23 of Act 57 of 2002
10. Amendment of section 24 of Act 57 of 2002
11. Amendment of section 25 of Act 57 of 2002
12. Insertion of section 31A in Act 57 of 2002
13. Amendment of section 37 of Act 57 of 2002
14. Amendment of section 38 of Act 57 of 2002
15. Amendment of section 39 of Act 57 of 2002
16. Amendment of section 43 of Act 57 of 2002
17. Insertion of section 45A in Act 57 of 2002
18. Substitution of heading to Part 3 of Chapter 5 of Act 57 of 2002
19. Amendment of section 51 of Act 57 of 2002
20. Amendment of section 52 of Act 57 of 2002
21. Amendment of section 53 of Act 57 of 2002
22. Amendment of section 59 of Act 57 of 2002
23. Substitution of long title of Act 57 of 2002
24. Short title and commencement
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