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This is UNCERTIFIED information. For authentic information please refer to information that has been certified as correct. In case of any mistake, please advise us. Where Acts are marked as amended or repealed, please note any transitional and commencement provisions which may affect the implementation or commencement of the amendment or the repeal. If you would like any LINK activated, please contact us regarding subscriptions.

1984 004 Black Communities Development Act, No. 4 of 1984 [Repealed...]* LINK
1988 054 Excision of Released Areas Act, No. 54 of 1988 LINK
1990 073 Excision of Released Areas Amendment Act, No. 73 of 1990 LINK
1940022Industrial Development Act, No. 22 of 1940,  [... Title amended to "Industrial Development Corporation Act" by Act 0000_000_000_00000] LINK
2014 023 Infrastructure Development Act, No. 23 of 2014 LINK
1992 064 Land Use Planning Ordinance Amendment (Cape) (House of Assembly) Act, No. 64 of 1992 LINK
1990 055 Land Use Planning Ordinance Amendment Act (Cape) (House of Assembly), No. 55 of 1990 LINK
1991 047 Land Use Planning Ordinance Amendment Act (Cape) (House of Assembly), No. 47 of 1991 LINK
1986 057 Laws on Development Aid Amendment Act, No. 57 of 1986 LINK
1986 105 Laws on Development Aid second Amendment Act, No. 105 of 1986 LINK
1991113Less Formal Township Establishment Act, No. 113 of 1991LINK
1993 187 Manufacturing Development Act, No. 187 of 1993 [...was entitled "Regional Industrial Development Act"] LINK
2018016Marine Spatial Planning Act, No. 16 of 2018LINK
1969 078 Orange River Development Project Act, No. 78 of 1969 LINK
2019006Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Act, No. 6 of 2019LINK
1994 007 Reconstruction and Development Programme Fund Act, No. 7 of 1994 ("RDP Act") LINK
1998 079 Reconstruction and Development Programme Fund Amendment Act, No. 79 of 1998 [published as the "Reconstruction and Development Programme Fund Act"] LINK
2003 054 Spatial Data Infrastructure Act, No. 54 of 2003 LINK
2013 016 Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, No. 16 of 2013s LINK
1991 039 Town-planning and Townships Ordinance Amendment Act (Transvaal) (House of Assembly), No. 39 of 1991 LINK

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