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Financial Markets Control Act, No. 55 of 1989

Long title

To provide for the regulation and control of financial markets; and for matters
connected therewith.

Table of contents
1. Definitions
2. Registrar of Financial Markets [... Title amended by Act 1991_054_026_19910522 - was entitled "Registrar of Financial Markets"]
3. Financial Markets Advisory Board
4. Restriction on carrying on of business of financial market ‘or of buying and selling listed financial instruments
5. Restrictions on managing investments [... Title amended by Act 1995_055_002_19951004 - was entitled "Restrictions on administration and custody of investments in listed financial instruments on behalf of other persons"]
6. Restriction on use of name or description implying connection with financial exchange
7. Application for issue or renewal of financial market licence [... Title amended by Act 1995_055_004_19951004 - was entitled "Application for certificate authorizing issue or renewal of financial market licence"]
8. Issue of financial market licence [... Title amended by Act 1995_055_005_19951004 - was entitled "Grant of certificate authorizing issue of financial market licence"]
9. Financial market. licence
10. Refusal of renewal of financial market licence [... Title amended by Act 1995_055_007_19951004 - was entitled "Refusal of certificate authorizing renewal of financial market licence""
11. Cancellation or suspension of financial market licence
12. Juristic personality of association
12A. Funds of financial exchange [... inserted by Act 1995_055_008_19951004]
13. Delegation of functions of executive committee
14. List of financial instruments
15. Removal or suspension of listed financial instruments, and omission of prices of financial! instruments from list of quotations of prices
16. Application of new or amended conditions to existing listed financial instruments
17. Rules of financial exchange
17A. Status of assets given to or received by clearing house in trust [... inserted by Act 1991_054_026_19910522] [... Title amended by Act 1995_055_013_19951004 - was entitled "Separate position of goods given to or received by clearing house or member of financial exchange"] 
17B. Separation of funds of members and other persons [... inserted by Act 1995_055_014_199510004]
17C. Recognition of inter dealer brokers [... inserted by Act 1996_073_008_19961120]
18. Board for hearing appeals
19. Right of appeal against acts of executive committee
20. False trading and market manipulation
21. False or misleading statements
21A.Undesirable advertising or canvassing in relation to financial instruments [... inserted by Act 1995_055_017_19951004]
22. Fraudulently inducing person to deal in financial instruments
23. Action for damages
24. Certain written matter to bear names of certain persons
25. Unsolicited calls
26. Inspections
27. Attendance of certain meetings by Registrar and furnishing of certain documents to him
28. Furnishing of information to Registrar
28A. Disclosure of information by financial exchange [... inserted by Act 1995_055_021_19951004]  [... substituted by Act 1998_103_004_19980424]**
29. Undesirable practices
30. Evidence
31. Power of court to declare member or officer or employee of member or person approved in terms of section 5 disqualified... Title amended by Act 1995_055_024_19951004 - was entitled "Power of court to declare member disqualified"]
32. Voluntary dissolution of financial exchange
33. Winding-up by court
34. Judicial management
35. Appointment of judicial manager and liquidator
36. Penalties
37. Regulations
37A.Limitation of liability [... inserted by Act 1995_055_027_19951004]
38. Amendment of laws
39. ... [... repealed by Act 1995_055_028_19951004 - was entitled "Savings and transitional provisions"]
40. Application of Act .
41. Short title and commencement
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