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Airports Company Amendment Act, No. 2 of 1998

Long title

To amend the Airports Company Act, 1993, so as to amend certain definitions; to provide for the company to change its name; to exempt the company further from certain provisions of the Companies Act, 1973; to substitute or delete certain obsolete references; to provide that the Shareholding Minister’s right to receive the annual report is based on the State’s shareholding; to provide for an unlimited number of shareholders; to provide for the transfer of the State’s shares in the company in order to introduce a strategic equity partner to the company and certain empowerment initiatives; to provide for the use of the proceeds of the sale of the State’s shares in the company; to provide that the objects of the company are as set out in its memorandum of association; to make it clear that the company has the powers of a company registered in terms of the Companies Act, 1973, subject to limitations in the Airports Company Act, 1993; to limit the level of financial risk posed to the core aeronautical activities of the company by its other activities; to ensure that relevant activities are performed; to make it clear that the company may raise or receive income from sources other than airport charges; to delete certain obsolete transitional and other provisions; to delete the requirement to submit a business plan to the Shareholding Minister; to delete the restriction on the sale of expropriated land and to further regulate expropriation in accordance with the Expropriation Act, 1975; to refine the provisions regarding certain orders by the Minister and to decriminalise the breach of such order; to adjust the provisions regarding the economic regulation of the company, the sale or closure of certain airports and the curtailment of relevant activities by the company; to further regulate the acquisition or construction of an airport by the company; to enhance the provisions relating to the company’s failure to comply with the Act; to expand the Minister’s specific regulation-making powers; to limit the Minister’s general regulation-making powers; and to amend the long title; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1.  Amendment of section 1 of Act 44 of 1993...
2.  Amendment of section 2 of Act 44 of 1993
3.  Amendment of section 3 of Act 44 of 1993
4.  Substitution of section 4 of Act 44 of 1993
5.  Amendment of section 5 of Act 44 of 1993...
6.  Amendment of section 6 of Act 44 of 1993
7.  Repeal of section 7 of Act 44 of 1993
8.  Amendment of section 8 of Act 44 of 1993
9.  Repeal of section 9 of Act 44 of 1993
10.  Amendment of section 10 of Act 44 of 1993
11.  Amendment of section 11 of Act 44 of 1993
12.  Amendment of section 12 of Act 44 of 1993
13.  Amendment of section 13 of Act 44 of 1993
14.  Insertion of section 13A in Act 44 of 1993
15.  Amendment of section 14 of Act 44 of 1993
16.  Amendment of section 15 of Act 44 of 1993
17.  Substitution of section 16 of Act 44 of 1993
18.  Repeal of section 17 of Act 44 of 1993
19.  Repeal of section 18 of Act 44 of 1993
20. Substitution of long title
21.  Short title
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