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Land Restitution and Reform Laws Amendment Act, No. 18 of 1999

Long title

To amend the Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994, so as to effect certain textual improvements; to amend the provisions regulating entitlement to restitution; to authorise the Deputy Land Claims Commissioner to act in the stead of the Chief Land Claims Commissioner if the office of the Chief Land Claims Commissioner is vacant; to make provision for the appointment of acting regional land claims commissioners under certain circumstances; to amend the requirements for the publication of the notice of a claim; to authorise any interested party to apply for the rescission or variation of an order of the Land Claims Court or the setting aside or variation of certain agreements; to do away with the need for a claim to be referred to the Court where the interested parties have reached agreement as to how a claim should be finalised and to authorise the Minister to make an award of a right in land, pay compensation and grant financial aid in such a case; to authorise regional land claims commissioners to refer claims to the Court; to extend the powers of the Court; to grant the Court in any interlocutory or preliminary hearing or pre-trial proceedings the discretion to decide upon the appointment of one or more assessors; to provide that a claimant may be awarded land, a portion of land or a right in land dispossessed from another claimant or the latter’s ascendant where the Court is satisfied that satisfactory arrangements have been or will be made to grant such other claimant restitution of a right in land; to make provision for financial aid to a claimant who has entered into an agreement regarding the finalisation of a claim; to abolish the statutory mechanism providing for the waiving of rights contained in section 42D; to amend the Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, 1996, so as to empower an arbitrator and the Court to determine, prescribe or amend the terms on which a labour tenant occupies or uses land; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Table of contents

1.  Amendment of section 1 of Act 22 of 1994...
2.  Substitution of section 2 of Act 22 of 1994
3.  Amendment of section 7 of Act 22 of 1994
4.  Amendment of section 11 of Act 22 of 1994...
5.  Amendment of section 11A of Act 22 of 1994...
6.  Amendment of section 14 of Act 22 of 1994...
7.  Amendment of section 22 of Act 22 of 1994...
8.  Amendment of section 28 of Act 22 of 1994...
9.  Amendment of section 35 of Act 22 of 1994...
10.  Amendment of section 38B of Act 22 of 1994...
11.  Amendment of section 42C of Act 22 of 1994...
12.  Substitution of section 42D of Act 22 of 1994...
13.  Amendment of section 33 of Act 3 of 1996...
14.  Transitional provision
15.  Short title and commencement
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