The Rule of Law Standard presented here identifies a ready set of components implicit in the commonly accepted definitions of the Rule of Law, which set of components are reduced to variables the measurement of which is a reflection of the measure of the Rule of Law, and which provides avenues to respond to non-compliance with the Rule of Law in order to not only maintain the Rule of Law, but to allow for its re-emergence once it has broken down.

The fundamental problem with notions of the rule of law that have been in vogue for decades is that it is generally identified by the consequences of its absence rather than its presence, and attempts to re-establish the rule of law are geared to diminish those consequences of its absence, rather than establishing what is needed for its presence.

The result of this perspective on the Rule of Law is that failing an understanding of how it comes about, those in the field of trying to establish the rule of law are never, as in Humpty Dumpty, able to see the whole of it to put it back together.

The development of a Rule of Law Standard is way overdue

This Rule of Law Standard represents an approach to the rule of law that identifies it through its presence rather than its absence, and treats its absence as evidence of non-compliance with that which is required for its presence.

Adoption of the Standard is voluntary, and if you are interested in discovering how it can be utilized in your field of business or practice, you are welcome to contact us.

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