Social Responsibility

As part of the Electronic Rule of Law Project (eROL Project”) LegalB runs a social responsibility programme offering volunteers the opportunity to research and gain an understanding and practical experience in the Rule of Law field, and its practical application to the promulgation and implementation of legislation.

Volunteers are offered the opportunity through practical involvement in the eROL Project, to close the gap between completing their training and entering the job and entrepreneurial market.

Content of the eROL Project Social Responsibility Programme

The eROL Social Responsibility Programme is fundamentally about gaining practical experience in working within the Rule of Law field, but where these necessitate delving into the more formal and theoretical aspects of the Rule of Law, we will resource and facilitate the study of these bt volunteers.

Practical experience

The practical experience volunteers will include aspects of the following:

  • Defining the Rule of Law and legislation
  • Promulgation of legislation
  • Assent to legislation
  • Publication of legislation
  • Sources of published legislation
  • Commencement of legislation
  • Amendment, lapsing and repeal of legislation
  • Engrossing of amendments to legislation
  • Policy, rules and standards vs legislation
  • Subordinate legislation
  • Administrative action in terms of legislation
  • Infractions of the Rule of Law
  • Constitutionality and legality: Case law

Theoretical content

The theoretical aspects of the Rule of Law will be fed into volunteers’ practical experiences, where occasion and context allows, and cover some or all of the following:

  • Definitions of the Rule of Law (ROL) that allow for measurements
  • Separation of powers in modern States, and public participation
  • Commonly accepted Basic Principles of the ROL
  • Standards inherent in basic principles of the ROL
  • Auditing the exercise of power against Basic Principles of the ROL, using ROL Standards
  • Informational systems & database structure to facilitate ROL audits
  • Original sources of information
  • Database maintenance and updating
  • Measurement of compliance with ROL Standards
  • Causality and correlation
  • Electronic and technical tools for audits
  • Effect of non-compliance with the ROL
  • Responding to non-compliance with ROL Standards
  • Non-compliance with ROL Standards
  • Measurements of State performance in terms of the ROL
  • Systemic solutions to ROL issues
  • The multi-disciplinary nature of endeavors relating to the ROL

Commitment of Volunteers

Volunteers are expected to commit themselves to the following:

  • Go through the various sequential tutorials by reading through the sources of information we provide
  • Apply what they have learned from practical exercises given
  • Join in on discussions with others going through the programme on the Facebook and Whatsapp forums
  • Make themselves available to help others going through the training programme
  • Volunteer in the extension and updating of resources for the eROL Project

There are no requirements relating to the time volunteers make available to this programme, and they may cancel their involvement in the programme at any time.

Certification of participation

Please note that this Programme is not certified by any institution or entity. The Programme is designed to ensure Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the Rule of Law through practical activities, under the heading of various topics above. We are happy however to certify Volunteers participated in practical activities related to those topics for purposes of for example, compiling a CV.

Participating in the eROL Project Voluntary programme

If you are interested in participating in the eROL Project as a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact us ( or 011 486 2978)\