The Rule of Law Standard is under development by Rita Felgate, an Advocate of the High Courts of South Africa since October 2001. Her Practitioner Number with the Legal Practices Council is 57272.

The Rule of Law Standard has largely been bootstrapped by Rita Felgate during her practice as an Advocate, under the LegalB banner, and over time she has had the valued assistance of a number of others interested in the Rule of Law Standard initiative.

Currently, Rule of Law Standard resources are largely available on a free to access basis, or on payment of what amounts to an administrative fee to cover costs of assisting users of various resources.

In future, the intention is to retain the non-profit nature of the Rule of Law Standard, but make its resources accessible to users by way of their purchasing of SLP Access Tokens (Simple Ledger Protocol Tokens issued on the back of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain), which SLP Tokens can be redeemed by those who work at and contribute to the development, maintenance and application of the Rule of Law Standard and LegalB resources.

If you would like more information on this participatory model of access and development, you are welcome to contact us.