If you would like to participate in the Rule of Law Standard initiative, we offer consultation relating to any particular use-case you may be envisaging. We also welcome input into the development and application of Rule of Law Standards and the association of others working within the rule of law arena. And of course, any identification of errors in our documentation would be most welcome

Funding and donations are also of course always welcome with bootstrapped endevours such as the Rule of Law Standard and development of its databases, if that is how you would like to participate. All funding and donations are utilised to ensure the Rule of Law Standards and associated resources are further developed and remain open source, by ploughing them into research and development, into maintenance of databases and websites, and where necessary into administration.

Participatory model

The participatory model being developed by LegalB is one in which redeemable SLP Tokens (Simple Ledger Protocol Tokens running on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain) will be issued on receipt of donations which SLP Tokens permission access to resources. Donations received will be used as faucet rewards to whose who assist in the development and maintenance of the Standards, databases and other resources, who can in turn hold or redeem those rewards by way of permissioned access to LegalB resources.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in the development of open-source Rule of Law Standards and databases.