Democracy must lie somewhere between the slip and the lip…

This week, the Department of Trade and Industry’s Gazette Notice 2 of 2010 invites you to object to the intention (yes, that’s right, to object to the intention) to apply for the removal (yes, again you are right, the removal) of various liquor licences.  And, nog al, the notice provides information about the names under which each business is to be (that’s right, not was)  conducted.

Pretty pervasive State powers for a democracy, when your intention to relinquish a liquor licence is subject to public opinion and the permission of an official. Its a bit ironic that the first intended application will be by the “So Far So Good Bottle Store”.

So, where lies South African democracy in this sweeping scenario painted by such officials publishing notices with such fault-lines? I think the words of Bruce Springsteen’s Straight Time  “You get used to anything, sooner or later it becomes your life” may give us a hint.

tldr: Seems we need big brother’s permission to give up a liquor licence

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