What Nalei Pandor does when she becomes Acting President..

by Rita Felgate (Adv.)

I see she dives into the role and takes the opportunity to bring various sections of the National Energy Act 34 of 2008 into force…

Doesn’t she know “we’ve been having it” anyway?

What does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ve developed certain nicknames for issues (a word which a very senior Judge once told me never ot use in relation to the law) related to legislation, and “we’ve been having it” is one that’s become entrenched recently. It means, regardless of the law, we’ve had what purports to be law anyway. Or, it means, regardless that people think otherwise, we’ve had the law in place anyway. There are a number of other variant on this theme.

I wonder just how long Pandor has been itching to commence those various sections of Act 34 of 2008 for?

Some pretty interesting scenarios could flow from the answer to this question.

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