At a glance: South African Gazettes issued 2009/01/09

National Gazette notices:

  • Acts relevant to the Methodist Church, the setting up a South African Space Agency, and the State’s right to intellectual property of institutions it funds
  • Commencements of amendments to the Legal Succession to the South African Transport Services Act
  • A Bill dealing with forensic evidence and criminal procedure
  • Many sales in execution
  • Amended Civil Aviation Regulations
  • New procedures required by the International Trade Administration Commission
  • Amendments to the Merchant Shipping Second Schedule
  • Regulations made under s75B of the Income Tax Act, No. 58 of 1962 prescribing administrative penalties for non-compliance
  • Notices about the price of illuminating paraffin and petroleum products
  • Application by the Poor People’s Movement to register as a political party with the Electoral Commission
  • SAFAIR’s International Air Serivce License amendments
  • Permit for the Russian Federation Navy’s nuclear vessel “Poyt Veliky” to visit Cape Town between 12 and 17th January, 2009
  • SAQA’s publication of various qualifications and units standards

Eastern Cape Gazette notices at a glance

  • Dates relevant to hunting in the former Ciskei area
  • Hunting seasons, daily bag limits, extent of enforcement of section 29, restrictions on live transport of wild animals
  • Applications for and amendments to liquor licences
  • Many applications relevant to land development and use

Free State:

  • No notices – reciept of Gazettes is still pending, an endemic problem because the Province refuses to facilitate courier collection and insists on posting the Gazettes, and they inevitably arrive weeks late.


  • Various applications and some approvals related to land development and use, and gambling licences


  • A great quantity of unstructured information about applications for public and scholar carrier licences
  • Many applications and fewer approvals related to land development and use, notably from Empangeni this week.


  • No Gazettes received so maybe the province should be called the Rip Van Winkle province


  • Various applications and some approvals related to land development and use and the establishment of townships

Northern Cape:

  • A whole set of Emthanzeni Municipality Bylaws

North West:

  • The Municipal Demarcation Board’s redrawing of some municipal boundaries
  • Tlokwe City Council’s adoption of “Editorial Bylaws”
  • Emergency measures to curb minibus taxis and bus services in Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality
  • Various land development and use and township establishment related notices

Western Cape:

  • Only one notice issued – the commencement of various sections of the Western Cape Liquor Act No. 4 of 2008
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